The list of titles that Graphite Lab has developed is an extensive one, at over 200 released titles.   Recent products include work for Transformers Rescue Bots, My Little Pony and Mr. Potato Head to name just a few.

When we’re not making games for other great companies, we’re creating our own! Years of working with top brands and characters has rubbed off on us. We’ve pumped that excitement and expertise into our own ideas. The first of which is Hive Jump, a 2-D side-scrolling action platformer for 1-4 players. We’ve made a big push to extend our reach to new platforms and territories with apps and games played worldwide. Since we’re counting, we can tell ya that we’ve reached #1 in over 60 countries with our different apps and amassed over 30,000,000 plays since January 2014.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Key 3

We focus on these three things to help us stand out from other developers.

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Focus on Fun

Fun is at the heart of what we do. If you aren't having fun, why play?

Fun comes first.

We agonize over the fun stuff. Sounds a little silly, but we really do go through tough discussions, schedules, and developments in order to deliver the most fun experience we can.

Visually Impeccable

Our studio was founded by artists. So the visual appeal of a game is something we take seriously.

We care about looks.

While fun comes first, we feel that visual expression is an important part of engaging a user in a game. We thrive on bringing smiles to faces young and old through incredible animation, intuitive interfaces and smart design.

Player Tested

We're smart. Our players are smarter. We value their opinions.

Test for best results.

We have great partnerships with organizations in the area which facilitate testing groups for kids of all ages.

Released Games
#1 Rankings
Total Plays

Great People Make Great Things!

Matt Raithel
Matt RaithelFounder & Studio Director
Matt wants people to have fun. No matter what he is working on, the creativity, innovation and fun factor are the things he cares about most.
Witcher III Wild Hunt 12%
Darkest Dungeon 86%
Matt Donatelli
Matt DonatelliGame Designer
Matt is constantly expanding his skill-set as a producer and game developer to meet the needs of our clients and the fans of our products.
Game Design 96%
Production 85%
Adam Antor
Adam AntorClient Service
Adam is passionate about ensuring our clients are happy and that they see Graphite Lab as a partner in serving their needs. While a nerd at heart, he has been working on his social abilities.
Client Service 100%
eSports Enthusiast 85%

We’re adding the rest of our crew – but they were too busy cranking out games to pose for a photo. Check back soon!

From our home base under a volcano in St. Louis we serve clients and players worldwide!

Learn a little more about Graphite Lab.

The Spotlight Series is a series of micro developer spotlights covering development steams in the St. Louis area. We’re thankful to Forever an Astronaut for putting together this feature!

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