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Play-Doh Create ABCs – A Partnership with PlayDate Digital

A Partnership with PlayDate Digital

We first began talks with the partners of PlayDate Digital at GDC in 2012. As a younger studio, they wanted to match our experience in developing for a younger audience with their experience in promoting products to the same market.

With Hasbro Publishing as the first licensing partner in the collaboration, our team at Graphite Lab began working on concepts for a Play Doh app for kids. Given that Play-Doh is such a flexible product, we wanted to both educate kids as well as work in the unique properties of the modeling compound. Over time, a focus on letter writing surfaced, leading to the focus of the app being the creation of ABCs with virtual Play-Doh.

Play-Doh Create ABCs Hits the App Store!

Play Doh Create ABCs App IconBringing Play-Doh and Hasbro publishing to the App Store

Little ones learn their ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH modeling compound with this delightfully interactive educational app from Graphite Lab and PlayDate Digital! PLAY-DOH Create ABCs application is designed to help children develop the essential skills required for reading and writing. Using this app, children will learn to: recognize letters, write letters using proper stroke order and associate letters with sounds.