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Play-Doh Create ABCs – Crafting the Characters

Crafting the Characters

The different objects in the app really bring life to the experience and were an important part in making the connection between letters kids are writing and the objects they represent. Our team had a lot of fun working with many of the existing sculpts that Hasbro provided, but also had the challenge of creating some completely new objects such as the Gorilla, King, and X-Ray. So, we got our hands dirty and generated a bunch of different types of each object passing them through a review process at Hasbro to get them approved for use in the app.

Play-Doh Create ABCs – The Engine Under the Hood

The Engine Under the Hood

Early on we developed a proof of concept to evaluate the animation potential of Play-Doh sculpts using Flash and the Starling framework. The demo came together just a few short weeks and we had the basics of a drag and drop stickerbook to share with the client. However, when it came time to decide on an engine to deliver the entire product we knew we would need more flexibility and support from the chosen engine. We selected Unity3D which required some 2D plugins to deliver the complete product. While there were some drawbacks to this choice, overall it provided the proper foundation on which to build the application, as well as preping us for a cross-platform release on both iOS and Android.