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Dev Log | Release Schedule Updates, Team++, Relic Bonuses, and more!

Attention Jumpers!

We’ve got a lot of good news in this update, and some bad news. Mostly good though, so I hope you’ll bear with us as we deliver it all. In this month’s update: 

  • Release Schedule Update: Delays
  • New Ext. Team Members: YellowAfterLife and FatBard
  • Tutorial and Input Prompting
  • Relic Bonuses and “The Run”
  • New Boss – Harvester – W.I.P.
  • Media: Nintendo Direct and Streaming

Release Delayed Beyond Q1 2016

Delays suck. We hate to hear of them and hate being the bearer of them even more.Unfortunately, Hive Jump’s release is delayed past Quarter 1 of this year. The cause of the delay is simply because the game isn’t as far along as we had hoped when we announced that date.

We knew the large scope of the game would be challenging to execute on and that is why we listed that up front in our risks and challenges section of the Kickstarter page. We’ve continued to invest in this game well beyond our Kickstarter budget because we believe in the game and we want to deliver the best possible version of this game to you our beloved backers. But developing a game after the budget is exceeded slows things down considerably.

We’ve explored other options – publishers, 3rd party funding, and other options to move this game forward more quickly, but the current situation is that we need to continue to self-fund. This means continuing our balance of client work alongside Hive Jump development. (That’s what allows us to keep going beyond the initial Kickstarter funds.)

The good news is, based on our assessment of how much work there is left to do in the game, and how much work we’ve put in on average over the last two years, Hive Jump will launch in 2016! We hope to provide you with a more solid release window in the next update or two tops.

Thank you for bearing with us through the ups and downs of this development lifecycle. As far as Kickstarter communities go, you jumpers are the best! You’ve been very patient and understanding with us so far, and we appreciate it deeply.

Reinforcements: YellowAfterLife and FatBard

Vadim (@yellowafterlife) joined up with the Hive Jump crew just this last December to support the online multiplayer portion of the game. You’ll find Vadim sharing what he knows about code, tools, and game development at

Vadim has been kicking ass and our last update showed the first stages of that networked connectivity. Now, a month later and we’re ever closer to getting all sync issues sorted and all systems functioning perfectly. We ran through the first level of a hive just last weekend, and it was glorious (if not totally bug-free yet).

FatBard (@fat_bard) is on board for super sexy swingin’ sound effects! While quietly connected to the game for a long time, fellow St. Louis resident Patrick will be making delicious new sound effects for the game! We’re stoked to have him on board to help make the hives sound better than ever! Find FatBard online at