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Graphite Lab is reviewing candidates for summer 2016 internships! The program runs from May 16 – August 12th. General hours on site are from 10AM – 4PM Monday through Friday, but will be negotiated around school or other work schedules for the right candidates.

We’re offering 2 ART internships, 1 PROGRAMMING internship and 1 GAME DESIGN internship!

Dev Log | Harvester Boss, Alien Concepts, and New Relics!

Attention Jumpers!

It’s been a busy few weeks since the last update, and we have more good news to share with you! Here’s what you have to look forward to in this update:

  • Harvester Boss Preview
  • More Alien Concepts
  • New Relics Located
  • WE’LL BE AT PAX EAST – Kickstarter Booth, ROOM 103
  • Wizard World Comic Con
  • Kickstarter Spotlights!

Harvester Boss Preview

Incoming transmission from the H.S.A…

The footage you’re about to see is highly classified. A reconnaissance jump team has identified a new elite Ordovician lifeform. The troopers are calling it “The Harvester.”

The Harvester appears to be an elite member of the Ordovician worker class, with some truly grotesque defensive mechanisms.

The Harvester is capable of eating any form of matter with it’s ravenous maw, and anything incompatible with it’s digestion is vomited back up.

It’s tail appears to be both an effective weapon and a critical weakpoint. Jumpers would do well to track it’s movement carefully and focus fire when possible.