HTML5 Video: Fullscreen Background

HTML5 Video Background

While Video Backgrounds are a very desirable technique in web design today, there are several limitations to consider before implementing this. Keep in mind that:

HTML5 Video Tag Usage

Interested in HTML5 and other interactive web technologies? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Graphite Lab we always choose the best technology for the job. In today’s world, the job always includes mobile compatibility.

Providing Alternative Content for Flash

When developing web spaces in Adobe Flash, it is important to keep alternative content in mind. Alternative content is what will be displayed in the Flash Object’s place if no Flash player is found to be present in the user’s browser. Let’s start from the beginning.
How do I embed my Flash content so that it can be degraded gracefully?

Export PNG sequence from Adobe Flash

Though Adobe Flash might be getting hit hard in the web and mobile markets, we at Graphite Lab still use Adobe Flash for lots of non-web related tasks such as traditional animation, user interface [via scaleform GFX middleware] and illustration.

How important are graphics to you?

Do graphics attract more players, or is a great gameplay experience more important?

It’s a solid question for debate in the games industry, but we feel our answer is pretty defensible. Appealing graphics attract more players to a new game. Before we set ablaze the “8-bit loving” retro gamers, let’s be clear: We aren’t necessarily talking about achieving breathtakingly realistic graphics. While Crysis and other games have really set the bar high

Now Hiring: Programmer – Mobile Development

Graphite Lab is seeking a versatile, intelligent Programmer with a range of development and project implementation experience on mobile platforms. Applicants must possess the skills necessary to create quality, easy-to-use code on strict time schedules.

New Web Design Launch: Black Lantern Studios!

Graphite Lab is pleased to announce that Black Lantern Studios new website design was launched successfully on 3/12/2012! We put forth our best efforts to bring a unique flavor to our latest web design.

Graphite Lab at GDC 2012

Graphite Lab landed in San Francisco for the 2012 Game Developer’s Conference. We’re stoked to be among this much gaming passion for an entire week! Our growing involvement in mobile and social games will be at the heart of most meetings – can’t wait to share what is in store for GLI this year!

Facebook gets Shoe Crazy!

Graphite Lab was privileged to work with the fine folks at Integrity to produce a fun and engaging game centered on the Shoe Crazy event by Famous Footwear. Armed with exceptional visuals and artwork from the talented creative team at Integrity, we set out to produce an online game that was appealing, addictive and entertaining.

Gloria deGeare joins GLI!

I am excited to announce my recent appointment to Director, Business Development for Graphite Lab. With years of experience identifying and calling prospects, gaining clients and building revenues of creative firms (and my clients) in Los Angeles, I am extremely excited to be on this journey in my home state!

SOL: Exodus Launches on Steam!

We were very excited to work with our sister studio, Seamless Entertainment, on their original property SOL: Exodus, which launched on 1/25/12!

Liberty Loot Hits iOS and Android!

The Liberty Tax app features the Liberty Loot Arcade Game and convenient features that allow you to find the nearest Liberty Tax location using your phone’s GPS and to call them directly with a single click. The Tax Tip of the Day and links to Liberty Tax’s Facebook and Twitter feeds keep you informed in the dynamic world of taxes.

Now Hiring: User Interface Artist

We’re currently expanding our team and are looking for self-motivated and enthusiastic people with a talent and passion for advancing the artistic medium of Interface design! Graphite Lab is seeking a versatile, intelligent User Interface Artist with a range of experience in designing and building interfaces for games, websites and mobile applications.

Play Catnap Climb!

We’re excited to share a bit of news about a simple flash game we put together this past summer. Graphite Lab worked with INFUZ to produce Catnap Climb as part of a larger campaign for one of their clients.

3D Modeling Intern, Cole Biesemeyer

Graphite Lab hosted a talented intern for 3 months this fall. Cole Biesemeyer had a chance to write about his experience:

“Working at Graphite Lab over the past couple months has been an awesome experience. Working on assets from Seamless Entertainment improved many of my skills in areas such as unwrapping and texturing, and it was a great feeling to be working on assets that would be used in a production video game.”

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