5 Must See Websites for Artists

I get asked a few times per month what sources I follow to keep inspired in the areas of art, design, gaming, etc. While I love Game Developer and HOW– I have been ditching the paper and press a bit over the last few months and have been visiting a few specific websites quite frequently. [...]

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What’s in a name?

Where do they come from? Why are they important? Why are we Graphite Lab? I have answers. Names are an important part of business. They can communicate your mission, or define ties your location. They can communicate your services if well articulated, or they can cause confusion if you steer too close to the edge [...]

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Our Mission

Graphite Lab was born out of necessity to create beautiful things. As a studio under the Black Lantern Holdings umbrella, we show our roots of game design in all that we do. We built Graphite Lab to focus on services that could supplement our game development - but wanted to place the studio in a [...]

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