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Project Description

Doodle Bear Studio

Share your Doodle Bear art with friends and family! Just download the Doodle Bear Studio App and import your Doodle Bear friend by fitting it into the shape on the screen.


  • Record a personal message! After scanning you can record a short, 30 sec message with fun voice filters!
  • Customize with fun visuals Customize your scene using a drawer full of stickers that you can place around the screen. Or, use the fun drawing tools to make custom masterpieces!
  • Save and share! When your customization is done, you can save a video of your creation to your device. You or your parents can then share your creation with family and friends via text or on social media platforms.
  • Scan your bear!Scan in your Doodle Bear toy by using the device’s camera.Line-up your device to fit your toy into the stencil/outline on screen to insert your toy into the app.

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