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Project Description

Stink Bomz

Let loose the laughter and pranks with digital fart filters for your photos and videos, hilarious videos and art galleries of your favorite Stink Bomz characters, and a fart detector that sniffs out the room for Stink Bomz! Share your gut-busting pics and videos with friends, or send them a Stink Bomz fart text to get them howling. Let ‘er rip and #jointhefarty.


  • Fart Film Studio: Record your own short video! Add in your choice of hysterical fart sound effects, smelly digital stickers, and Stink Bomz graphics to customize your masterpiece. Then save them on your device and share with friends!
  • Photo Bomz: Take photos with your favorite Stink. You can save photos to your smart device and share them on Facebook and Instagram. Beware! The Stinks may have a surprise for you while taking your photo!
  • Keyboard and Emojis: The app includes a special keyboard featuring all of your favorite Stink Bomz characters as paste-able images for messaging! Drop your friends a smell-o-rific text.
  • Stink Sniffer: Scan the room to detect hidden Stinks. Once detected, smells are analyzed for a full break-down of stink composition. Will it be 64% Gym Shoes, 22% Wet Dog, and 14% Rotten Milk? Let’s hope not.
  • Stink Bios: Get the low-down on Boom Boom’s comedy routine and Sweaty’s pizza obsession! Access tons of goofy pics and videos in each Stink’s gallery to really get to know their personalities. Which one will be your favorite?
  • Stink Bomz Scanner: Use your device’s camera to detect a target marker included with your Stink Bomz plush toy. Unlock in-app digital stickers, sound effects, emojis, and more with each character you scan! Plush toys available for purchase Fall 2018!
  • Enter your age when you open the app to ensure a child-safe environment.
  • Age appropriate content.
  • Social sharing feature for images and videos is restricted if user is under 13.
  • COPPA compliant for users under 13.

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