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Project Description

Keep Spriggy Safe

Meet Spriggy.

Spriggy is a happy little fellow who loves to have fun, bounce around and collect coins! When it comes to staying out of trouble, he has a lot to learn.

As he bounces through the house, he’ll need some guidance to stay out of harms way. Lucky for him, you’re up for the challenge! Put your running shoes on and follow him through the house! Remember to be careful, there are hazards in every room!

How do I play?

Your job is keep Spriggy safe, happy and healthy by answering the safety questions correctly.


  • The more questions you get right, the higher he can bounce.
  • The higher he can bounce, the more coins he can collect.
  • You control Spriggy’s bouncing with a tap on the screen.
  • Be careful of potential hazards—they take points away.

Safety education at your fingertips:

  • Prevent slips and falls in your home
  • Avoid burn injuries and practice fire safety
  • Prevent accidental poisoning
  • Reduce the risk of drowning and choking
  • Teach your family about bike safety
  • Stay safe outdoors all year long
  • Increase motor vehicle safety measures

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