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Our mission is to bring brands to life in fun and entertaining ways!

Part tech company, part creative powerhouse, our team is recognized by companies such as Hasbro, Disney and Cartoon Network as the premier development team who can consistently create hit video games featuring top brands.

We’ve built our reputation by consistently delivering solid gaming mechanics, feature-quality character animation, service flexibility and technological expertise. We’ve had the honor of working with Pinkie Pie, Mr. Potato Head, Johnny Tractor and Optimus Prime. Since we’re name dropping, we also have rubbed shoulders with Dora and the Backyardigains too.

The list of titles that Graphite Lab has developed is an extensive one, at over 200 released titles.   Recent products include work for Transformers Rescue Bots, My Little Pony and Mr. Potato Head to name just a few. We’ve made a big push to extend our reach to new platforms and territories with apps and games played worldwide. Since we’re counting, we can tell ya that we’ve reached #1 in over 60 countries with our different apps and amassed over 40,000,000 plays since January 2014.

Years of working with top brands and characters has rubbed off on us. We’ve pumped that excitement and expertise into our own ideas. The first of which is Hive Jump, a 2-D side-scrolling action platformer for 1-4 players. Hive Jump has been featured in Game Informer, Nintendo Force and was listed among the first “Nindies” to debut at PAX 2015.

Awards & Features! Neat!

The Key 3

We focus on these three things to help us stand out from other developers.

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Focus on Fun

Fun is at the heart of what we do. If you aren't having fun, why play?

Fun comes first.

We agonize over the fun stuff. Sounds a little silly, but we really do go through tough discussions, schedules, and developments in order to deliver the most fun experience we can.

Visually Impeccable

Our studio was founded by artists. So the visual appeal of a game is something we take seriously.

We care about looks.

While fun comes first, we feel that visual expression is an important part of engaging a user in a game. We thrive on bringing smiles to faces young and old through incredible animation, intuitive interfaces and smart design.

Data Informed

We're smart. Our players are smarter. We value their opinions.

Test for best results.

Our player network gives us incredible data to inform our design decisions. We have great partnerships with organizations in the area which facilitate testing groups for players of all ages.

Released Games
#1 Rankings
Total Plays

Core Team

Matt Raithel
Matt RaithelFounder & Studio Director
Matt wants people to have fun. No matter what he is working on, the creativity, innovation and fun factor are the things he cares about most.
Streets of Rage 4 – S Rank Completions 100%
Total NES Games Owned 6%
Matt Stevens
Matt StevensProduction Manager
Matt is an Artist, who has created artwork for the video game industry since 2008. He’s worked on 18+ games on 6 different platforms. He’s inspired to think of the audience his art has interacted with and is very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with substantial brands such as Hasbro.
Project Management 100%
Art 80%
Brad Austrin
Brad AustrinGame Designer
Brad is a game designer who cares deeply about game history and preservation. He’s fascinated with undocumented elements of videogames and their history, and loves finding merit in seemingly flawed games.
Game Design 80%
Time Spent Scanning Foreign Magazines and Books 50%
John Mikula
John MikulaProgrammer
John Mikula is a passionate Game Programmer and is currently the senior most Programmer at Graphite Lab. John enjoys a good challenge and is always looking forward to the next puzzle to solve.
Programming 100%
Games finished from backlog 10%
David Greenfield
David GreenfieldQA
Likes: Video games, movies, comic books, regular books, board games, card games, mexican food
Dislikes: spiders, bugs, mushrooms, iTunes Connect.
Overwatch Cosmetics Owned 50%
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Completion 70%
James Sirna
James SirnaArtist
Likes: Video games
Dislikes: James likes everything.
Animation 50%
Illustration 70%
Brendan Chapman
Brendan ChapmanProgrammer
Brendan started with Graphite Lab as an intern before coming on as an Associate Programmer, turned full-timer. Contributing to titles such as Hive Jump and Shark Strike Brendan spends time on both front end and back end tasks.
Alternative Band Ts Owned 99%
Chances you’ll see him at the concert 82%
Phil Snowbarger
Phil SnowbargerArtist
Phil loves games and cartoons, both of which have inspire him to create art and animation of his own that will hopefully have the same effect on people.
Rewatching Cartoons 90%
Sweet Tooth 85%
Collin Patrick
Collin PatrickGameplay Programmer
Collin loves programming games and designing them too. Sometimes he can’t choose between which one he wants to do more.
Game Ideas 100%
Games in Steam library played 27%
Kat Johnson
Kat JohnsonAssociate Generalist
Kat loves all aspects of game creation, from art, to design, story, and code. It’s probably why she can’t seem to pick a favorite!
Approximate Knowledge Of Many Things 100%
Detailed Knowledge Of One Piece 95%

We’re adding the rest of our crew – but they were too busy cranking out games to pose for a photo. Check back soon!

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