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Project Description

RollerCoaster Tycoon® Story

An exciting free-to-play match-3 puzzler featuring the series’ first-ever story campaign that lets players walk in the shoes of a theme park tycoon!

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Welcome to RollerCoaster Tycoon Story! The legendary Eagleland theme park has fallen into despair and disarray, guests have gone, and no cries of laughter or glee can be heard from within its gates. It’s up to players to restore Eagleland to its former glory as a thriving theme park!

RollerCoaster Tycoon Story features an innovative rail match system in which players earn tickets that can be used to complete tasks such as repairing rides, cleaning up the park grounds, and rebuilding shops. With the help of a charming cast of characters, such as Sam the dependable maintenance worker, players will restore the luster to Eagleland theme park, unraveling hidden mysteries, and meeting new characters along the way.

For more information, visit www.RollerCoasterTycoon.com, like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/RollerCoasterTycoonStory and follow us on Twitter @RCT_Story.


  • Hundreds of Levels: Match three or more pieces using the rail match system to complete fun puzzles or earn powerful boosters. Complete more complex puzzles to uncover special items including the famous Screechin’ Eagle booster
  • Exciting Story: Finish each round to progress through the storyline and advance to the next level. As you continue to play, additional zones of the park will unlock revealing classic RollerCoaster Tycoon rides like the Steel Mini RollerCoaster
  • Renovate and Decorate: Improve sections of your park by removing debris, adding decorations, and investing in research to further upgrade rides, attractions, and more
  • Endearing Characters: Interact with multiple characters including Sam the maintenance worker, Maggie the mechanic, Tyler the panda mascot entertainer, and many others
  • Daily Rewards: Earn bonus rewards each day for restored rides and attractions. The more rides that are operational, the more money earned
  • Leaderboards: Top the global leaderboards and compete against friends

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