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Project Description

Transformers Rescue Bots: Dino Island

The Rescue Dinos have arrived! Two friends of Griffin Rock Rescue, Professor Baranova and Frankie Greene, have gone missing on a mysterious island, but conniving and greedy Colonel Quarry, the only person who knows where to find them, is refusing to help! The latest TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS interactive storybook app, based on the hit animated series, suits up the reader as the Rescue Team’s newest cadet and puts them at the center of the action, working with the Rescue Bots to save their friends and “roar to the rescue” in their new dinosaur forms!

Optimus Prime personally recruits the reader as Griffin Rock’s newest Rescue Team cadet. To complete this rescue mission, the Rescue Bots will need to change into their ‘Dino Bot’ forms, but that may not be enough! Become a hero in this exciting, interactive adventure by helping the Rescue Bots train for their mission, outsmart Colonel Quarry, and work as a team to bring Frankie and Professor Baranova home.

Your early and emerging readers will solve problems alongside the Rescue Bots and help a certain helicopter Bot take to the skies in a cool new form. When the going gets tough, the Rescue Bots go ‘Dino Bot!’


  • Special introduction by Optimus Prime!
  • Heatwave, Chase, Blades, and Boulder change into dinosaur mode!
  • Live action ‘play-by-play’ narrative
  • Interactive TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS action on every page
  • Read to Me and Read Along modes for all levels of early and emerging readers
  • AutoPlay Feature brings the story to life
  • New and advanced vocabulary highlighted and sounded out on each page
  • Includes a Sight Word practice section
  • Take your picture with the TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS when you complete the mission

Designed to deliver these Learning Goals:

Early and emergent literacy

  • New vocabulary
  • Expanding early reading skills
  • Increasing reading comprehension


  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving with a group