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Project Description

Craig of the Creek: Bounceback

Crash through bricks and make your way safely through the Sewers in this procedural, stage driven block breaker title. Use your paddle to send a ball bouncing off walls and bricks while being careful not to miss!


  • Meet friendly faces from the TV show! Control Craig, using his “paddle” to bounce a ball back and forth to clear obstacles.
  • Rescue friends from the Creek! Many of Craig’s friends are found captured by the Sewer Kids. Freeing them from an innertube will grant players a power-up.
  • Save your friends from nasty villains! Each stage ends with a “Boss Block” battle. Inside of each Boss Block is another one of Craig’s friends.
  • Awesome power-ups! Activate the Roundabout Rope, Pineconepop bonus and more! Or charge up a Cherry Bomb Blast – a special power-up that occurs when hitting multiple bricks consecutively in a single throw.

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