5 Must See Websites for Artists

I get asked a few times per month what sources I follow to keep inspired in the areas of art, design, gaming, etc. While I love Game Developer and HOW– I have been ditching the paper and press a bit over the last few months and have been visiting a few specific websites quite frequently.

Here are 5 that you absolutely must have in your online Rolodex of websites:

  • CGSociety – The society of digital artists houses a huge gallery and forum full of 3D and 2D work, along with a full forum of helpful professionals eager to share critiques and tricks to improve your work. Monthly art challenges offer some posh prizes, as well as the opportunity to get your work noticed by top industry vets. Paid membership in the society offers some perks for hardware and software purchases, as well as discounts on the amazing ballistic publishing collection.
  • ConceptArt.org – Started and manged by the team at Massive Black, this is THE place to get your traditional concept work noticed. Huge forum of amazing illustrators provide feedback and the occasional job lead. Other offerings include training courses for illustration as well as scholarship opportunities for those looking for help with education.
  • DeviantArt – Though you do have to trudge through the tons of “less good” art, there are some real aces that are sharing work on DeviantArt these days. Its a great community to get your work noticed, and catch a critique here and there. But more than anything it is a nice way to be introduced to new artists. We recommend finding some of your favorites first, then browsing their Chosen Favorites Gallery to see who they follow.
  • CGHub – New to us last year, CGHUB positions itself as the social network for professionals. Many top companies offer listings on their job board, but the real value is the scripts and plug-ins section where artists share everything from brushes to maxscripts.
  • The Design InspirationThe Design Inspiration is a simple site that posts new galleries of artwork, logos, websites, font designs, photography and more. Good for a creative boost every now and then.

What sites do you follow to keep inspired?

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