Dev Log | Character Customization, Runabouts, NPCs, Relics, and more!

 Attention Jumpers!

October has come and gone, and we’ve done SO MUCH work on Hive Jump it’s hard to keep track of it all! Here’s what we’ve got to share with you in this update:

  1. Customize your Jumper on the Loadout Screen! (WIP)
  2. Runabouts, your metal brothers-in-arms.
  3. Rescue NPCs from the Hive!
  4. Retrieving Relics in Style!
  5. Hive Jump at IndieCade at Nintendo’s booth!
  6. More BGC Music!

There lots of other little things we did too, and if you want to ALL the nitty gritty details, you should follow us on twitter as we continue development! Ok, let’s get started!

Jump in style!

If you’re going to drop out of a spaceship into an alien infested hell-hole, you might as well do it in style! We’re excited to give jumpers a few ways to differentiate themselves from their buddies! In Hive Jump, you will be able to choose a combination of a Color, Insignia, and Skin to make your jumpers unique! Check out some WORK IN PROGRESS shots below!

Choose from 9 preset colors!

Pick an insignia, any insignia!

Swap between different skins!

Runabouts, your robot friends!

Jumpers, the future is full of wondrous technology and humanity does not face the Ordovician threat alone! Runabouts, or intelligent robotic lifeforms created by humans, are also members of the Jump Corps!

Runabouts are every bit as intelligent as a human being, and are valuable members of human galactic civilization. Many Runabouts have volunteered to join the Jump Corps, get retrofitted with military grade hardware, and earn a chance for glory and the removal of their kill-switches.

Rescue survivors in the Hive!

We’re proud to bring you footage of one of our Kickstarter backers getting rescued by a Runabout Jumper!

There are all kinds of people who, by some twist of fate or foolish expedition, end up deep within an Ordovician hive! If you come across any survivors in a Hive, be sure to beam them out for a reward!

Retrieve Relics

There are all kinds of relics hidden away within the Hive. When you find relics, be sure to beam them out of the Hive so our scientists can research them!

You never know what kind of rare materials we can find in the Hive that might aid our war effort!

Hive Jump at IndieCade

Matt Raithel had the pleasure of going out and repping Hive Jump at IndieCade! It’s always great to get the game out in front of new fans and old backers alike!

A huge thanks again to Nintendo for having us at their booth at IndieCade! You can see our whole album of photos on Facebook!

Teaser of a new Hive Jump track!

BigGiantCircles is cooking up some amazing new tracks for Hive Jump! You can hear a quick teaser here:

If you love BGC’s work, go follow him on Twitter and tell him so! @biggiantcircles

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