N-Fusion Interactive gets iOS friendly!

Apple fans never fear, we got you on this!

Both parties were excited for the launch of this site, with it’s highly custom design, Flash animations and playful yet powerful interface. However, N-Fusion, being an iOS game developer, definitely needed their website to not only be compatible with iOS devices, but also have the same visually stunning effect and intuitive design.
Converting the Flash content of N-Fusion.com to iOS compatible javascript was a must, and we have pulled it off! Not only does it look identical, but the navigation and display functions are all intact, fully ready to be “tapped” on an iPad near you!

The Break Down

The iOS version of N-fusion.com consists of many parts working together in debugged harmony. I don’t want to bore everyone with the exact details, but here is the summed up version:

  • First, I created an image slideshow using javascript/jQuery and styled it to look exactly like the Flash version. I increased the size of the scroll arrow buttons to make things easier for iPad and iPhone users.
  • Second, some troubleshooting to achieve the exact functionality elements like the thumbnails picker, where the link is opened when an image is tapped, etc.
  • Next, I wrote a random list sorting script to make sure the images were not loading in the same order everytime, giving the slider variety through your visit.
  • Last was the installation of iPad specific javascript libraries, giving access to classes that enable full use of the “tap” functions, rather than “click” ones. After tweaking some more code specifically for iPad, things were running smooth as silk.

Check out www.N-Fusion.com on an iOS device today!
Read our Case Study on the site design itself!

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  1. Zack Smith November 11, 2011 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    So anyone tried out the two versions side by side? Feedback welcome!

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