Adding Juice to your Game

We have a term at Graphite Lab called “juicing”. It’s an unofficial term we use when referring to how appealing something is, how animated it is, how bright it is… you know, how “juicy” it is. We first heard the term in the “Juice it or Lose it” talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho.

We have developers on our team who’s primary goal on each project is to “juice up” our games. They make the menus bounce and the buttons wiggle. The make the transitions exciting and the celebration screens explode with confetti and beams of light. You get the idea.

Happy to share one of the juiciest games we’ve ever released now has physical product available, and they are juicy too!

Cats vs Pickles is a hot new product from Cepia, LLC which just launched their online Cats vs Pickles store today. Check it out and then check out the Cats vs Pickles game available on iOS and Android, too!

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