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Attention Jumpers! More info from the war effort incoming!

It’s been TOO long jumpers. Usually we don’t let more than a month go by without getting in touch with you all, but we’ve been up to our eyeballs in bug-guts and goo! Here’s what we’ll be sharing in this update!

  1. Teaser of a new BigGiantCircles music track!
  2. A first look at 5 Utility Items for your arsenal!
  3. Hive Jump written up by Red Bull!
  4. Kickstarter Community Spotlight: Nephil’s Fall

Crystal Caverns track teaser by BigGiantCircles!

Jimmy Hinson, aka BigGiantCircles, just released a Vine teaser of a new track for Hive Jump.

The full track is destined for the Crystal Caverns environment and is sure to pump you up for splattering alien guts over the cave walls!!!

Also, BigGiantCircles and Ronald Jenkees just released the OST for the game There Came an Echo, which you can find here:

Utility Items: First look at 5 useful powerups!

We’ve got exciting new reports from the R&D labs at the H.S.A. The first five Utility Item prototypes are being developed for use by Jumpers across the galaxy!

Utility Items are purchasable from the S.T.O.R.E., and are essentially powerups for your Jumpers! You can only have one Utility Item at a time, and some items have passive abilities, while others must be activated and then go on a cool-down timer.

Our first five items include:

  1. Damage Deflector Overshield
  2. Rejuvenation Field Beacon
  3. Jetpack Fuel Reconverter
  4. Deployable Auto-Turret
  5. Grenadier Bandolier

Damage Deflector Overshield


The Damage Deflector Overshield adds an additional layer of protection to your jumpers! This overshield deflects damage for as long as it has charge, and when the charge is reduced to zero, it shatters. If you’re able to remain out of combat for long enough, the shield will recharge.

Rejuvenation Field Beacon


The Rejuvenation Field Beacon restores health to Jumpers in its vicinity over a period of time. This is useful for holding out against swarm ambushes, or taking the fight to a Major Class alien like the Crusher.

Jetpack Fuel Reconverter

Are you tired of running out of jetpack fuel while hovering over acid pits? Well say goodbye to that problem, and say hello to the Jetpack Fuel Reconverter! With this item, you’ll be able to hover indefinitely!

Grenadier Bandolier

Do you like things that go BOOM? If so, then the grenadier bandolier is for you. Carry twice the number of grenades and cut their cost in half at the store!

Deployable Auto-Turret

The Deployable Auto-Turret it great for perilous situations. Is your team down a jumper or two? Bust this baby out and send the aliens back to the Queen in tiny pieces!

Red Bull Writeup: Second time’s a charm!

“Don’t call it a comeback. Okay, do. These games rose from the grave to claim crowdfunding glory.” – Read the full article here.

That’s right backers! Thanks to you we were able to fund Hive Jump, and are in the process of making our dream game a reality! We can’t thank you enough, and we can’t wait to share more good news with you soon.

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