Gloria deGeare joins GLI!

I am excited to announce my recent appointment to Director, Business Development for Graphite Lab. With years of experience identifying and calling prospects, gaining clients and building revenues of creative firms (and my clients) in Los Angeles, I am extremely excited to be on this journey in my home state! I always knew there were tremendously creative people in Greater St. Louis – now I get to work with them!

Graphite Lab is full of incredible creative teams with extensive game and web development backgrounds with unbelievable illustration skills to boot. Their extensive ‘up to the second’ knowledge of all of the game formats, tools, soft and hardware, plus their unequaled ability to design and illustrate by hand, as well as on the computer, give them skills that, in short, make them the “one stop” game / web / illustration studio.

It is my new mission to help Graphite Lab grow into THE studio to go to for game and web development, 3D and other illustration services, etc. (and I don’t mean just for firms in St. Louis) This is going to be FUN!

-Gloria deGeare, Director Business Development
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  1. Sarah(mommas lil girl) March 17, 2012 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    Whoah mom that is so awesome like omg like woohoo:) gotta love me im stalkin u mwhahaha i love you lol 

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