SOL: Exodus Launches on Steam!

We were very excited to work with our sister studio, Seamless Entertainment, on their original property SOL: Exodus, which launched on 1/25/12!

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The work actually started for us last August, when we developed a small feature page for the game trailer. Later it grew into the SOL: Exodus homepage. Complete with blogs, rich media features, and a design that almost mirrors the game, this page was great for building a fan base and updating everyone on SOL’s progress.

It was a pleasure assisting Seamless with their modeling work. We contributed to ships, space stations, and damage states for the game. Check out Graphite Lab’s renderings here.

SOL: Exodus is a unique game in today’s market. The space shooter genre has been unfulfilled for sometime now. With the power of Steam you can experience this genre once again, and it is only a $9.99 download! What are you waiting for?! Here are some screens to motivate you!

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