Facebook gets Shoe Crazy!

Graphite Lab was privileged to work with the fine folks at Integrity to produce a fun and engaging game centered on the Shoe Crazy event by Famous Footwear. Armed with exceptional visuals and artwork from the talented creative team at Integrity, we set out to produce an online game that was appealing, addictive and entertaining.

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Authored in Flash and connected to Facebook, players control their shopper avatar as they race around the Famous Footwear store and collect shoes in the time allotted.

  • Two AI controlled players are after the same shoes, so players must move quickly!
  • Earning more points than your computer counterparts will advance you to the next 30 second round.
  • Power-ups are scattered throughout the level that provide point bonuses when collected.
  • Player’s high scores are automatically shared on a weekly and all time leaderboard.
  • Player’s can upload portraits of themselves via the in-game interface, choosing to upload from their desktop or to import their facebook friend’s avatars.
  • Special coupons are available to select winners.

Over 1000 played Shoe Crazy in its first week, and nearly 1000 new players continue to go Shoe Crazy each week!

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  1. Matt Raithel February 27, 2012 at 2:16 pm - Reply

     Shoe crazy now up to 7,000 monthly players!

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