2013 Summer Internships


Graphite Lab is reviewing candidates for internships this summer. We’ve opened spots for Game Programming, Art, Game Design and Web.

The best programming candidates will have a deep passion for games and game development. We look for programmers that have been programming for years and have a proven addiction to writing and understanding games and the code that drives them. We’ll ask to see code that you’ve written and are most impressed if you are writing and programming games outside of your classes. If you are comfortable putting things together in Unity or Flash that is a great bonus, but we require existing talent in traditional C++ or Objective C so we can help you build upon that foundation. Strong math background will also be required.

The best game design candidates will have a insatiable curiosity and great imagination – especially when it comes to video games. We look for game designers that are well versed in both current games but also the decades of games that came before them. Strong communication skills are important, and an art or programming background is a huge bonus.

The best art candidates will have deep portfolios that span both traditional and digital mediums. We’ll push your talents in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, After Effects, and other software; but we’ll also push your abilities traditionally through drawing and illustration exercises. If you have any experience in scripting or programming it will most definitely be a plus.

The best candidates for our web development internships will have an existing knowledge of web programming and scripting in HTML and JavaScript. If you have skills in ActionScript, XML, and other web technologies that would be a major bonus. Having a basic understanding of programs like Photoshop will be a big plus. We’ll ask for examples of your development experience and will be most impressed by projects you’ve completed on your own, outside of classes.

The program runs from 6/3 though 8/22. General hours on site are from 10AM – 4PM Monday through Friday, but schedules can be negotiated. As a GLI intern, you will learn a ton. Selected candidates will get to contribute to real game development projects for high profile clients.

Please send over some of your recent work [info@graphitelab.com] if you are interested.

Decisions will be made the week of 5/20.

Send via weblink if you can. If you email, make sure to zip/rar to keep filesizes small.

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