Play-Doh Create ABCs Hits the App Store!

Play Doh Create ABCs App IconBringing Play-Doh and Hasbro publishing to the App Store

Little ones learn their ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH modeling compound with this delightfully interactive educational app from Graphite Lab and PlayDate Digital! PLAY-DOH Create ABCs application is designed to help children develop the essential skills required for reading and writing. Using this app, children will learn to: recognize letters, write letters using proper stroke order and associate letters with sounds.


PLAY-DOH Create ABCs includes:

  • Tracing of uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • Exciting ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH treats for every successful letter made
  • Poem and animations to re-enforce learning letter sounds
  • ‘Squishable’ PLAY-DOH animations!
  • A matching activity to match letters with pictures
  • A letter select screen that allows children to choose any letter to play
  • A creativity zone, the PLAY-DOH gallery, where kids design custom PLAY-DOH scenes
  • A save-to-camera feature where parents can save and share their child’s colorful creations
  • Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education experts
  • Multiplayer profiles that allow more than one child to play and save their progress
  • Parental reporting to show progress

Our Experience with Early Childhood Gaming

Our experience with making games for young kids dates back to 2006 when we first got the opportunity to develop a Game Boy Advance game featuring Dora the Explorer for Nickelodeon. That game was to coincide with the launch of the DVD and TV release of the Dora’s World Adventure episode and was a great learning experience for us. We learned the basics of what an early childhood player was capable of as well as the basics of brand adherence. We’ve since developed many games for the Dora the Explorer brand as well as other for Nickelodeon including Ni-Hao Kai Lan, The Backyardigains, and Go! Diego, Go!

Fast forward to 2010 where we got the opportunity to work with Warner Bros. Interactive and Sesame Workshop on their reemergence to the gaming scene with two new games: Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure and Cookie’s Counting Carnival. We evolved our design approach to include value for not just the player, but the parents as well and were excited to introduce our Parent’s Page concepts in those products that would provide information to the Parent about their child’s progress in the game.

All of these collective experiences created a great foundation on which to build our latest endeavor into early childhood gaming: collaboration with PlayDate Digital to bring Hasbro Publishing brands to mobile devices.

Next week – A Partnership with PlayDate Digital!

Click to read posts about the development of this product such as our partnership with PlayDate Digital, the Engine that Drives the Game, Crafting all the Characters, and the App Launch itself.

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