Play Catnap Climb!

We’re excited to share a bit of news about a simple flash game we put together this past summer. Graphite Lab worked with INFUZ to produce Catnap Climb as part of a larger campaign for one of their clients.

Catnap Climb is a flash game where players control a playful kitten as they climb an endless ladder of clouds. Fans of Doodle Jump and other platform climbers will feel right at home here. We sprinkled Power-ups and other score modifiers throughout the levels which boost your score and launch the cat higher and higher.

The higher you climb the better you score, naturally, but if you fall you will wake the cat from his wonderful dream and end the game. We connected the game to an online leaderboard which tracks the top 20 scores and linked it up to facebook and twitter to offer some quick-share capability.

We want to say a big thank you to the team at INFUZ for letting us put together this concept – it was a lot of fun!

Play Catnap Climb now to see if you can get a top score!

Early Design Concept

This was an early concept that we did, heavily inspired by Kirby’s Epic Yarn. However, when the client informed us that yarn can be dangerous for cats, we quickly switched to the style that better matched the microsite, and was yarn-free.

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