Play-Doh Create ABCs – Crafting the Characters

Crafting the Characters The different objects in the app really bring life to the experience and were an important part in making the connection between letters kids are writing and the objects they represent. Our team had a lot of fun working with many of the existing sculpts that Hasbro provided, but also had the [...]

Play-Doh Create ABCs – The Engine Under the Hood

The Engine Under the Hood Early on we developed a proof of concept to evaluate the animation potential of Play-Doh sculpts using Flash and the Starling framework. The demo came together just a few short weeks and we had the basics of a drag and drop stickerbook to share with the client. However, when it [...]

Play-Doh Create ABCs – A Partnership with PlayDate Digital

A Partnership with PlayDate Digital We first began talks with the partners of PlayDate Digital at GDC in 2012. As a younger studio, they wanted to match our experience in developing for a younger audience with their experience in promoting products to the same market. With Hasbro Publishing as the first licensing partner in the [...]

Play-Doh Create ABCs Hits the App Store!

Bringing Play-Doh and Hasbro publishing to the App Store Little ones learn their ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH modeling compound with this delightfully interactive educational app from Graphite Lab and PlayDate Digital! PLAY-DOH Create ABCs application is designed to help children develop the essential skills required for reading and writing. Using this app, children will learn [...]

Unity 3D Development

Here at Graphite Lab, we have begun to work heavily with Unity 3D game development software. Unity is currently one of the most well-known cross platform game engines. Right now, it supports: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and also the Unity Webplayer, a web browser plugin for easily sharing [...]

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Monster Match lands on iOS Devices!

Monster Match: Letters is now available on the iTunes store! It supports the newest iPhone and iPad, providing rich and bright colors for your retina display. More importantly, it really does help kids learn their letters. Give Monster Match to your little ones this Holiday Season, and let us know how well it worked! Buy [...]

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Monster Match hits Google Play today!

We are very excited to announce that our first original property has been launched! Monster Match is a classic memory matching game, with educational value as well! Each letter of the alphabet has been cleverly disguised as a fun monster! Let us know how we did by following the link below and rating Monster Match! [...]

SOL: Exodus on the Steam Autumn Sale!

If you haven't tried SOL:EXODUS from our sister studio Seamless Entertainment, it is now on sale as part of the Steam Autumn Sale. We played a small role in developing damage states for some of the stations, and worked with their marketing teams to deliver their website and promotional materials. Check it out, and be [...]

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