Liberty Loot Hits iOS and Android!

The Liberty Tax app features the Liberty Loot Arcade Game and convenient features that allow you to find the nearest Liberty Tax location using your phone’s GPS and to call them directly with a single click. The Tax Tip of the Day and links to Liberty Tax’s Facebook and Twitter feeds keep you informed in [...]

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Now Hiring: User Interface Artist

We’re currently expanding our team and are looking for self-motivated and enthusiastic people with a talent and passion for advancing the artistic medium of Interface design! Graphite Lab is seeking a versatile, intelligent User Interface Artist with a range of experience in designing and building interfaces for games, websites and mobile applications. […]

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Graphite Lab is Hiring!

Graphite Lab has open positions of Gameplay Programmer and Interactive Developer. Gameplay Programmer Graphite Lab is seeking a versatile, intelligent Gameplay Programmer with a range of development and project implementation experience. Applicants must possess the skills necessary to create quality, easy-to-use code on strict time schedules. […]

Gamification … the debate continues.

A popular article over at takes another pass at the application of game mechanics to other tasks… aka Gamification. Author Vincent Beerman posts a few great quotes: Like the Industrial Revolution, early attempts at gamifying the enterprise have been slow, clunky, simplistic and sometimes downright counterproductive. […]

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Gamification – quite the debate.

Lots of discussion about this new-fangled thing called Gamification. The gamification of something is the act of using game mechanics in everyday applications and situations to boost engagement, fun and good behaviors. Gamify argues: Reward programs are perfect to generate engagement and loyalty for your brand. They are good incentive for your users to come [...]

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Are Console Games Dying?

IGN reports on comments made by Peter Vesterbacka of Angry Birds fame on a panel at South By Southwest: “console games are dying along with the concept of paying $50+ for a game.” I think both concepts are false, though not completely made without grounds. Understanding that Angry Birds has sold over 100 million copies, [...]

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