Liberty Loot Hits iOS and Android!

The Liberty Tax app features the Liberty Loot Arcade Game and convenient features that allow you to find the nearest Liberty Tax location using your phone’s GPS and to call them directly with a single click. The Tax Tip of the Day and links to Liberty Tax’s Facebook and Twitter feeds keep you informed in the dynamic world of taxes.

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Tax-Collectors are after the cash reserves of Liberty Land! The citizens have called on their defender, Lady Liberty to guard their investments! The crowned defender answers the call and has agreed to protect the cash bundles nestled within the depths of the town vault. Players control Lady Liberty in a top-down arcade game where they must navigate pathways of the vault to collect bundles of cash while avoiding the pesky tax collectors that want the cash for themselves. Earn the highest possible score by collecting more cash bundles and finishing more levels! Each game ends when the tax collectors have more money than you, but you can always play again!

The Tax Collectors get faster and more crafty as levels progress. Watch as more cash bundles appear in later levels allowing for higher scores!

Collect the Flame of Liberty to take money back from the Tax Collectors and use the hallway warps to move through the vault as quickly as possible.

Earn a high score and track it through the GAME CENTER Leaderboard! Connect to Game Center and compete for the most cash earned during a single game.

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